MAJic Yoga Mindfulness

Majic Mindful Yoga services mission is "to live consciously and courageously, to resonate with love and compassion, to awaken the great spirits within others, and to leave this world with some peace and joy from the events I continue to be a part of."

Bride and groom in yoga pose

Majic yoga mindfulness events is a non-studio yoga events business that offers individualized and group-based yoga happiness and mindful sessions anywhere, anytime in NSW, Australia and overseas.

Whether you're looking for a private in-home instructor, a way to keep employees productive, a fun event addition, our certified instructors provide a customized yoga and life transformation events designed to exceed your expectations.

Wedding Day Mindfulness or Yoga

Bride and Groom clear your mind and relax before getting ready for the big day! You and your sweetheart can come back to calm before getting married with a 2 minute or 20 minute meditation or yoga. Mats are not included, but may be available for small groups at an additional fee.

Alternatively 'Wow' your guests with a morning yoga class at their hotel. This is a fun way to welcome everyone and provide them with a light activity. A special class for the bridal group is also a popular option.

Price included in Ceremony

Yoga Music- Sounds of Solace

This is a unique experience marrying together the ancient practice of the yoga asana (by Mel Armstrong-Jones) to stimulate healing directly to the cells, heart, soul of body, chakra and the ancient coherent sounds and vibrations created in the energising Sounds of Solace (by Aniniko). For example the musical composition and yoga sequence we have chosen explores the 417Hz Solfeggio frequency in the Key of D to stimulate the naval sacral chakra (to help facilitate change) and allow receiving and strength for the joy of yoga to flow.

Each music CD and choreographed yoga sequence corresponds to a different healing for the participant on a cell, body and mind level. Therefore the client can select their healing if they feel anger, depression, grief, unsettled etc. The most common CDS we work with are for joy and uplift (Navel chakra) and stability, safeness and connection (base chakra).

Corporate Benefits of Yoga or Mindfulness

Team building or health events are an important aspect of many businesses, as is boosting morale and productivity. At anytime yoga/mindful session can help pick your employees up and bring them together in an effort to boost productivity and mental awareness when decision making, negotiating and relationship building is required.

  • From Australian research over the last 5 years people come to yoga for the strong body but stay in the yoga and mindful classes for the mind.
  • Provide staff with the tools to better manage stress and well being
  • Improving the overall health of employees, hopefully dodging sick days.
  • Boost energy and create a "feel good" culture
  • Increase productivity levels and mental focus
  • Encourage employees to try something new and think "outside of the box"
Price starts from $150 per hour depending on location and size of event.
A photo of Mel and Anikiko at Melbourne Convention Mind Body Festival